The Lact’Union Group has three production sites with different but complementary know-how to access its target markets.
The industrial subsidiaries of the Lact’Union Group provide it with production tools for drinking milk, processed dairy products and industrial fats.

The Lactinov Abbeville site

Created in 1992, Lactinov Abbeville specialises in the production and aseptic packaging of dairy products in bottles.
The site is equipped with its own extrusion-blowing workshop for the manufacture of HDPE bottles.

This production site is also active in the field of milk fat, transforming it into different types of butter for the secondary processing industry.

The Lactinov Braine site

Created in 1999 in Soissons and then moved and rebuilt in 2004, the Braine site in the Aisne department specialises in the aseptic packaging of UHT milk and cream in a variety of brick formats (family and on-the-go formats).

The Babydrink site

Created in 2011 in Abbeville in the Somme department, Babydrink is the unit dedicated to the aseptic packaging of nutritional and functional products for children and adults.

The site is also equipped with its own extrusion-blowing workshop for the manufacture of HDPE bottles.


The strength of the Lact’Union Group lies in the complementary know-how of its different production sites.

Production workshops

Our units have 10 aseptic packaging lines for a potential of 400 million packages per year, enabling us to package different types of dairy products.

Extrusion Blow Moulding :

The Lactinov sites in Abbeville have their own extrusion workshop for multi-layer bottles (HDPE). This skill and know-how allow for better traceability of the manufacturing stages, as well as the development and control of containers, which play an essential role in the preservation of products, both organoleptically and microbiologically.

The extrusion workshop also makes it possible to reduce the environmental footprint by transporting granules rather than empty bottles.

Recipe preparation workshop

The Lact’Union group has developed and upgraded its production facilities to meet the quality requirements of dietetic products and infant formula.
With the management of more than 250 ingredients, which are essential in the design of recipes for food products adapted to particular nutritional needs, the preparation workshop has been organised accordingly. It has a computerised recipe management tool which ensures that weighing, batches and the order of incorporation are particularly precise in order to guarantee the accuracy of the composition of these products for special medical purposes, for example.

In addition, the workshops have been designed to ensure the control of the manufacturing process through zoning and air flows adapted to the requirements of these formulas specifically adapted to a consumer population. All the staff in these workshops are trained and know the importance of the principles of food safety through the respect of manufacturing procedures, monitoring of production parameters and the requirements for traceability and the highest standards of hygiene.

Thus, the group’s know-how is now internationally recognised and allows it to work with major brands in the field of infant and adult nutrition.

Butterfat Workshop

The fat processing workshop is equipped to control the physical maturation of the creams used, the production of butter and concentrated butter, adapted to the needs of the secondary processing industry.

Our workshop also produces butter in traditional churns.

Dairy fats

The transformation of selected creams into technical ingredients, while preserving the properties of taste and authenticity, enables us to meet the specific expectations and constraints of food industry manufacturers.

Churned butter

Churned butter is produced from selected creams inoculated with the lactic ferments essential for the maturation of the cream. The production in a traditional churn allows the butter to express all its aromas and smoothness.

Concentrated butter

Concentrated butters are technical butters of consistent quality, easy to use and to preserve : they meet many industrial needs. Our concentrated butters can be coloured/expanded for an even softer texture.

Traditional 82% fat butter and Organic 82% fat butter

Butter, because of its ease of incorporation and its irreplaceable taste, brings an undeniable advantage to the main industrial users of butter: Biscuits – Pastry, Viennese Pastries – Puff Pastry, Ready-made meals – Catering.