The Lact’Union Group operates on its markets, in conjunction with its commercial subsidiaries, each specialising in their own markets, and in partnership with various industrial dairy companies, offering a wide range of products to best enhance the value of our dairy products and ingredients.


The founding cooperatives of Lact’Union were behind the creation of Orlait in 1992.

Orlait federates the main French dairy cooperatives operating in the consumer milk sector, to create a common marketing structure for this segment under distributor brands and its brand “le lait d’ici”,
Orlait is now the leading operator in the drinking milk market in France.

60 years of experience exclusively dedicated to infant nutrition from the moment a baby is born.

A partner of the Lact’Union Group since 1995, Materna has expertise in liquid infant milks and ready-to-eat baby food. Materna markets products developed and manufactured in partnership with the Lact’Union Group sites.

100% adult dietetic division.

The creation of Unidiet in 2013 is the result of the long-standing collaboration between Financière Messine and our group.
Unidiet draws on the know-how of the respective teams in the field of Babyfood and offers “ready-to-use” solutions in beverages and functional dishes for adults.

Ingredia: powder industrial partner.

Ingredia develops and produces milk powders, milk proteins, functional systems and innovative actives for the food, nutrition and health industries worldwide.

For more than 70 years, Yabon has been delighting young and old alike with its unique and recognisable desserts.

As a partner of the Lact’Union Group, Yabon markets various products manufactured on the Lact’Union Group’s sites.

Vitagermine offers organic products for the whole family through its two brands Babybio and Vitabio.

The Lact’Union Group has been a partner of Vitagermine for many years and develops and manufactures their liquid infant milks through its production sites.

Our major customers

The Lact’Union Group, in its various factories, manufactures products for major international groups in the dairy, food or pharmaceutical sectors, under private label or under their own brands.

On the export market, the Lact’Union Group markets its various product ranges to numerous customers on different continents. These customers are distribution groups, wholesalers, traders, etc. and work in different markets and distribution channels: retail, e-commerce, catering, etc.